Primarily full stack Android development

Details for nearly every project I work on are on my Github
Some of the most interesting are mentioned in more detail below.

Featured Projects

Purdue Laundry

ACM Sigapp has released a Laundry app for Purdue students! It allows you to check availabilities of laundry machines in Purdue dorms and set timers so you never forget your laundry. It is developed by members of Sigapp and is completely open source on GitHub.

Hubless IOT

An IoT suite, containing code for and Android client and microcontroller, that provides cheap, hubless, access to the IoT space. It is backed by AWS IoT, but adds a cleaner API and a frictionless setup experience for potential customers.

IU Trauma Manual

An app to augment the IU Hospital trauma center's trauma manual. Allows doctors to step through medical algorithms in an interactive way in order to assist patients and teach students.

and others.

I don't usually keep this section updated. Check out my Github profile and resume formore detailed lists of projects.

Featured Organizations

Purdue ACM Sigapp

Purdue ACM Sigapp is a student org that allows students to build real world applications with full scale concerns. Many of the projects I have worked on have been as part of Sigapp.