Personal Website of David Tschida

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I work as a software engineer writing C++ code at Microsoft on Outlook, among other things.

Projects and things

Some of the things I'm working on, or have worked on before. In general, you can find some of my work over on my Github.


I can't guarantee these work anymore, but I miss Pebble so you can find two of my old Pebble watchfaces here: Time CLI and Xtern Logo.

Keys and codes


I am not currently looking for opportunities, but my resume is available here. (Though it is currently a bit out of date.)

Resume (PDF)

Links and things


This is far from comprehensive, but here are some resources that have been valuable to me. First, here are some links that I like to use to find useful tools and privacy-respecting servies.

If you are looking for immediate answers, I currently use and can recommend these browser extensions:

Beyond browser extensions, get a password manager. I won't recommend any specific one, but password managers will help you make and keep track of unique, random passwords for every site you use.


I don't have anywhere else link to these, so I'll drop them here

Purdue Cameras Dashboard

Purdue University has multiple public IP cameras freely available online. This page has a simple dashboard for viewing them all at the same time.